CMJ 2010: The Long Road Home

Hundreds of overheated music fans spilled out onto a Brooklyn sidewalk after (yet another) excellent BrooklynVegan CMJ event. Incredible sets from Ted Leo, Morning Teleportation, Titus Andronicus, No Joy, Jamie Lidell, Dominique Young Unique, Reggie Watts and others sent us away exhausted but exhilarated.

Yesterday’s spike in Spider Valve™ praise was matched by this afternoon's LowDown® love. Portland, Oregon’s latest psychedelic-rock export, Morning Teleportation, who are fresh off a batch of dates supporting The Flaming Lips, laid down the thump with a LowDown HD750 head and 410 cab. Dynamic, 18-year-old rapper Dominique Young Unique was backed by a pair of frenetic keyboardists, one of whom created thick and punchy synth tones by plugging into a LowDown LD300 Pro.

The crowd was also treated to 25 minutes of exceptional DL4™ wizardry from mind-bending musician/comedian Reggie Watts. The cornerstone of his rig is the famous “green pedal,” and he can play it with ferocity, feel, and practiced technique. I approached Reggie after the show and we discussed what he liked about the DL4. After a short list of reasons, he punctuated the conversation with a simple, honest truth: “There’s no other pedal, man. If had to choose one, well, I have chosen one and it’s the Line 6 DL4.”


Now that we’re on the leeward side of our CMJ events, it’s finally possible to stop and smell the roses (or whatever that aroma is that’s rising from the subway grates). New York City is still a top-notch music town with good venues, a vibrant indie scene, and a dedicated stable of bloggers, photographers, and fans that keep the engine running smoothly. Our time may have been short and our days may have been long, but our experience was simply unforgettable. (And judging by the bands’ responses to the Line 6 gear, we think theirs was, too.)