M9: Replacing Teddy’s NYC Subway Pedal Board

When tone-tweaker and M13 evangelist Teddy Kumpel needs to pare down his rig and brave the New York City subways, he grabs his M9 and heads out the door. But it wasn't always this easy...

By Teddy Kumpel

If you've read my other blog posts (here and here), you know by now what a fan I am of the M13 Stompbox Modeler. I've been using it to create freaky sounds since it came out. After covering all that, along comes the M9, the M13's little brother.

Big Pedal Board, Little Gigs

I have the M13 mounted to my big pedal board, which I use for my own gigs and gigs that require me to create special and freaky sounds. For smaller gigs, like singer/songwriter folky gigs and straight-up rock gigs that didn't need a giant arsenal of sounds, I had a small “subway” pedal board, about 12"x12", that fit in a messenger bag. Usually, that little pedal board with just a distortion, an echo, a tuner, a footswitch and a wah/volume pedal was just fine. But sometimes I missed a touch of the M13's capabilities. The problem was that I couldn't bring my big pedal board to little gigs on little stages and I sure wasn't going to bring it on the subway in NYC. Ouch....

Solution = M9

Now, with the M9 I have a new self-contained little pedal board that makes all the sounds my M13 makes and fits in a bag. It lets me get into some pretty fine-tuned tweaking and it sounds just as good as my old “subway” pedal board. I make use of the M-series “scene” capabilities and program one for rock gigs, another for singer/songwriter gigs and another for more freaky, jammy gigs. And now I am able to travel light when necessary without sacrificing the exciting sounds I'm used to!