WORLD Musical Instruments and Production Guitar Number One

Just got back from Korea overseeing production of the first batch of James Tyler Variax guitars, and they are coming out great. They are being made by our Korean partner, WORLD Musical Instruments Co. Ltd.

When we set out to find the partner for our off-shore guitars, we searched the globe. I talked to people about guitars made in Eastern Europe and visited multiple factories in China and Korea. Our quest was to find a perfect partner, one that we’d be stoked to work with, and one that could deliver an instrument worthy of the James Tyler Variax logo. We found that partner in WORLD.

WORLD has been around for more than 15 years. The owner, MY Won, is a guitar player who understands that guitars are much more than just a piece of musical gear.

When I first visited the factory, you could tell that every single worker in that place knew and understood that they were holding an instrument that the buyer would play and love. You could see the care and the love all the way from the body and neck builders to the painters, to the assemblers, to the setup guys. WORLD builds guitars for many top companies all around the world because their reputation is solid and their word is bond. We are so excited to be working together.

Below is production guitar number one, a JTV-69 in Candy Apple Red. Click here for more great pictures of our first production run.