Now Shipping!

Exciting news! James Tyler Variax guitars are now shipping and the JTV community can finally taste the first fruits of our efforts!

But here’s the rub. While the response to the product has been overwhelming it has created a situation in which the demand for the guitars is greater than the supply. This leads us to more exciting news: We’re currently working on increasing the supply in an effort to sync up with the demand as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can get your JTV fix by following our blog and learning more about this incredible instrument. There are also lots of videos, sound samples and pics.

Well guys, this is my last official JTV blog post. I am going to be moving my efforts to supporting the guitars, as well as all our other exciting Line 6 products, on our forums and forums around the world. It has been a pleasure to go on this journey with you. The blog will live on. Very soon guitarist extraordinaire Jack Sonni will be blogging from his point of view: From his first impressions to gigs and more. He will fill you in on his rich history in guitardom and you will truly enjoy his perspective on all things JTV.

See you in cyberspace!