Deep Dive into the Effects of the POD HD Multi-Effects Processors: Analog w/MOD

Welcome back! If you’ve been following my blog series you’ve already read about the history of three very popular delay models in the POD HD multi-effects processor family; the Analog Echo (based on* the Boss® DM-2 delay) , the Tube Echo (based on* the Maestro® EP-1) , and the Tape Echo (based on* the Maestro EP-3).

For all of you first-time readers, make sure you go back and check out my previous posts about these great effects at the Line 6 Blog.

This week I’m going to talk a little about the Analog w/MOD delay effect in the POD HD multi-effects processor family.  This effect is based on* yet another legendary pedal from Electro-Harmonix. Of course, I am referring to the classic Electro-Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man.

Electro-Harmonix was founded in 1968 by Mike Matthews with a measly $1000.00. The company saw exponential growth over the next 10 years and soon became one of the biggest effects pedals manufacturer of the time. The Deluxe Memory Man was just one of many timeless effects that Electro-Harmonix manufactured over the next several years.

Like the Analog Echo effect inspired by* the Boss® DM-2 pedal, the Analog w/MOD delay is also a “bucket brigade” type delay in that, the analog signal enters a series of capacitors on the circuit board at which time the signal rate is controlled by an oscillating clock.

Several musicians have used this classic delay pedal; most notably, the Edge from U2. If you’re looking for a starting point for that classic Edge tone, this is a great effect to start with.

The Deluxe Memory Man has six parameters:

-          Blend (Mix)

-          Level

-          Feedback

-          Chorus/Vibrato (Mod Speed)

-          Depth

-          Delay (Time)

Below I’ve created a few tones with this delay effect that you can download from Custom Tone for you POD HD multi-effects processor. There are options for the POD HD300, POD HD400, POD HD500 and POD HD Desktop. You can find them at Line6Millers Tones.


This is a fun tone I put together. I was trying to capture a bit of 80’s hair or glam by using a high gain amp model with the modulation really dialed up a bit on the Analog w/Mod delay effect. Doing this gives the tone a sort of “shimmery” feel. I’m using the Treadplate amp model here based on* the Mesa Boogie® Dual Rectifier amp; a true classic in the high gain amp world. I’ve stuck with the default 4x12 Treadplate V-30 cabinet and the 87 Condenser Mic.

I added a Noise Gate to my signal chain. Decay is set to 35% and Threshold is set to 15%. This quiets the buzz a bit without killing the sustain. For the delay, I cranked the Depth parameter up to a fairly high 70% which is what really adds the “shimmer”. I dialed in this tone using a dual humbucker guitar with the pickup selector set to the bridge position. When playing this tone, palm mute up and down the fret board and then let the “shimmer” out by letting a power chord sustain. Yeah!

HugeHair 300





This tone is inspired by the classic delays from U2’s The Edge and it gets you close to something he might dial in. The trick to the tone is simple. Add two Analog Delay w/MOD effects BEFORE the amps. Set one delay to short delay time and little to no feedback. Set the other delay to a longer delay time and a healthy amount of feedback and two Class A-30 TB amp models to round out the tone. If anything, I feel it’s a pretty nice delay tone on its own anyway and I hope you like it too!



(Not Available for HD300 or HD400)


This is another fun original tone I set up. I wasn’t aiming for any particular artist or band tone. I just wanted something fun and a little weird. I added an Octo Reverb effect to the tone because I love that eerie choir type tone it brings. The Depth parameters on the delay models are dialed up quite a bit and I went with the Blackface ‘Lux Nrm amp model.



(Not Available for HD300 or HD400)

Fortress of Solitude

I’m not sure why, but I just envision Superman and crystals when I play this tone. Weird, I know. Anyway, it’s a pretty nice overdriven tone with a cool glassy Analog Delay w/MOD effect added to it. The Delay time parameter is set relatively low and I jacked up the Feedback a bit to 60%. I went with the Class A-15 amp model because I like the crunch it adds to the tone.





Make sure you continue to keep reading! Next time I’ll go over the Multi Head delay effect based on* yet another legendary delay device, the Roland® RE-101 Space Echo. This effect was a true game changer so you’ll not want to miss this one! Thanks for reading. Until next time!

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