Why Spider Online Totally Rocks

By Mike Levine

Line 6 Spider amp owners are doubly lucky. Besides having one of the best modeling guitar amplifiers on the market, they can access a wealth of bonus material at Spider Online, the new Line 6 website. Spider Online offers a huge amount of free content including online lessons, jam tracks recorded by studio pros and additional Spider tones dialed in by Line 6, artists and other Spider owners. Let's take a closer look at just what you get.

Online Lessons
Now matter how good a player you are, there's always more to learn, and Spider Online has a huge variety of online lessons available. Over 300 lessons are available in 11 different categories including Blues, Classic Rock, Classical, Country, Funk/R&B, Jazz, Metal/Shred, Punk, Reggae, Rock, and Roots/Folk/Bluegrass. Three lesson levels are offered: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Lessons include text, music clips, and examples presented in both standard notation and tab. The lesson window is totally self-contained, you don't have to download anything. Just select a lesson and start learning.

Jam Tracks
What if you want jam, or just try out the different sounds in your Spider, but nobody's around to play with you? Not to worry, Spider Online has hundreds of jam tracks available. These aren't some generic loops, they're rhythm section grooves and drum loops played by top L.A. and Nashville session players. Like the lesson examples, you don't need to download them to hear them, you can use the player right on the site, and even turn on and off instruments if you want. If you do want to download these tracks, they’re available.

More Sounds
One of the many reasons why Spider amps are the best modeling guitar amplifiers around is the huge range of tones available for them. Spider Online offers hundreds of new tones, which you can download easily (in either Spider IV or Spider Valve MkII format), and load into your amp using your Spider amp’s free editor software. You can also create your own tones and upload them to the community.

Get Started
Accessing Spider Online is a snap. If you’re a registered owner of any Spider amp, you’re already eligible. If you own a Spider but haven’t registered it yet, go to the registration page on the main Line 6 site. If you’re thinking of purchasing a Spider, and want to see what Spider Online is all about, check out the site’s selection of free content.

Mike Levine (www.mikelevine.com) is a NYC-based guitarist, composer, and music journalist.