Reason 6 Upgrade!

Today I am in Las Vegas getting ready for The Producers Conference. I will be showing new features in Reason 6 and Balance (Propellerhead's new audio interface), along with Mix Master Mike (Beastie Boys), Kill The Noise, and Reason guru Kurt Kurasaki (aka Peff)! The conference will be streaming live on Ustream pay-per-view from 1pm-6pm PDT. (There will be no archive - It will stream live, and then it will vanish into the ether!)  If you want to check that out, it will be streaming today only (October 1, 2011) on Line 6's Ustream channel.

To find out what's new in Reason 6 (in under 3 minutes!), check out my newest video below:

The music and voiceover in the video is one continuous Reason 6 project, and the computer screen capture is from that same project in real time.

The Reason 6 Upgrade will update any registered full version of Reason or Record to Reason 6. (So even if you own Reason 1.0, this upgrade will get you the latest and greatest.)