The Echo: Living, Breathing, Musical New Delay Effect in Reason 6

Sometimes, if you really want something long enough, somebody gives it to you! One thing that I have wanted for a long time in Reason is a new delay effect that I could play like a musical instrument. One that could get all the grungy vintage analog and tape delay effects, with infinite feedback (filtered of course) that would react to changes in delay time just like an old analog effect. In Reason 6, Propellerhead has given me that and more in the form of The Echo!

The Echo sounds warm and huge, and has all the control parameters I could hope for. Not only does it have just the kind of playable feedback I had been hoping for (with filter frequency and resonance settings), it also has breakout jacks so I can insert external effects devices into the feedback loop for a whole new world of creative delay effects. For more modern effects, it has a switchable Keep Pitch function so that pitch can remain constant while changing delay times. This is great for stutter effects when processing beats. It also features a Trigger mode for when I want to apply delay to a single word in a vocal or a single musical stab (snare hit, guitar or organ staccato chord, etc.).  But my favorite thing to do is to map the Roll mode slider to a slider on my MIDI controller, and lose myself in dubby, trippy delay goodness. My Reason 6 Upgrade video briefly shows a couple of over-the-top, extreme uses of The Echo. For a more in-depth look at how to use The Echo, check out this Micro Tutorial from Propellerhead!

If you are a fan of vintage delay effects, or a fan of those huge swirling sci-fi delay effects that Radiohead has really brought back and made their own over the last several years, The Echo can bring all that and more to your music production.