Going Mobile with Line 6 at CES

Line 6's first year at CES features live music, including a surprise performance by Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess on new Mobile Keys™ tri-platform keyboard controller. Line 6's Matt Piper is there and files this report!

Every January in Las Vegas, well over 100,000 people fill the Las Vegas Convention Center for CES - the Consumer Electronics Show. This year, Line 6 has brought their own special flavor to the show, with live music using Mobile In™ + Mobile POD®, and the just-announced Mobile Keys tri-platform keyboard controllers.

I have had the pleasure of being part of all this. Each day, all day, we have been performing live music in our booth, with one musician playing Mobile Keys 49 connected to an iPad® running GarageBand®, another musician playing guitar through Mobile In connected to an iPhone® running Mobile POD, and a third musician playing bass parts on a Mobile Keys 25 connected to a MacBook® (and triggering drumbeats on the MacBook). I have been switching off between the guitar and keyboard bass roles.

It's been cool watching how people respond. Every keyboardist who tries Mobile Keys is impressed with the professional feel and low latency, and the great Mobile POD tones have been attracting a lot of attention as well.

A high point of the show came when Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) surprised us all by visiting our booth and playing THE HELL out of Mobile Keys 49, his fingers a blur and a huge crowd gathering round. And it got even better as Line 6 co-founder Marcus Ryle joined in playing bass on Mobile Keys 25! It was a great impromptu jam that drew wild applause from the sea of people who had assembled to hear the keyboard pyrotechnics. The jam also really revealed the quality of Mobile Keys, as it responded beautifully to all Jordan's most amazing, fast, and delicate techniques. And it certainly looked (and sounded) like Jordan was having a lot of fun! You can see a little bit of that jam here.

Today is the last day of CES. It's been fun. Next stop: Winter NAMM 2012!

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