What it Takes to Stage. Your Revolution.

It happens every year here around late summer. I’d say August. The excited whispers and anticipation throughout the offices at Line 6 are usually a tell tale sign. What’s it going to be like this year? Will any new products be unveiled? What room will we have? For Line 6, the annual NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) convention held in Anaheim, California each January is an opportunity to unveil our latest and greatest musical instrument products and to finally be able to address the ever growing rumors and speculation our customers have so passionately begun discussing throughout various online forums, chat rooms, social media, and blogs surrounding the show. It’s a relief, it’s exciting, and most of all, it’s just plain fun. We love it.

The work and preparation that goes into throwing a successful NAMM outing is astonishing. From, organizing badges, booking hotel rooms, scheduling press events, and setting up the meeting and demo rooms, it takes hundreds of hours. I could write page after page of blogs on every single aspect of what it takes to organize a NAMM outing but instead I’ll focus on just one facet; the meeting and demo rooms.

Each year various musical instrument companies continue to amaze me in regards to the aesthetic beauty and just plain “coolness” of the rooms they put together. Line 6 is no exception. We take great pride in how our rooms (and more importantly the products being shown in our rooms) at NAMM look. Let’s take a little journey through the progression of the 2012 Line 6 NAMM demo and meeting rooms.

It starts off as a big open, empty room bland and boring. At this point there isn’t much to look at. It’s just a room now, but this is just the beginning. Commence the transformation!

Now this is more like it! Road cases and scaffolding! Yes, this is the same room. NAMM is starting to become more and more of a reality for Line 6!

OK so it’s time to move in some gear! Lots of it! Check out all those boxes!

Introducing the infamous Wall of Amps the Line 6 meeting room has become known for! It’s in the early stages in this picture and isn’t quite done yet!

Here we are getting ready to test the lighting and projection systems out.

It’s all really starting to come together now as you can see in this picture. The lighting and the overall vibe of the room really creates a cool atmosphere!

Finally the finished product! It’s pretty hard to believe that just a couple of days ago this amazing room was nothing more than a bland meeting hall!