How to Record a Guitar Cover

In the modern world of social networking, smartphones and tablets, the process of recording a guitar cover has become a high-tech art form. Social media outlets such as YouTube have enabled many musicians to become self-publishers and share favorite cover songs for the world to critique.

A huge aspect of recording cover songs is investing in proper equipment. While it's not necessary to spend your entire life savings on the proper gear, it is important to invest in a few critical items. Instead of using your computer camera, spend some money on a decent digital camera and tripod. Not only will it enhance the sound of your recording, it will convey a sense of professionalism to your audience. When using recording software such as GarageBand, Pro Tools or Cubase, it’s best to mic the amp (or better yet, use the convenient new Sonic Port VX audio interface with built-in mics) to get the best tones possible.Sonic Port VX Audio InterfaceBesides having the right devices to record an instrument, the biggest challenge is finding the perfect cover song tone and accurately playing the notes. The Line 6 AMPLIFi guitar amp helps match guitar tones with songs in your iTunes library—making it easy to master blistering solos.  With a built-in full-range speaker system, AMPLIFi acts as a portable Bluetooth sound system as well as a guitar amp—allowing you to immerse yourself in your music and jam along with your favorite tracks.

AMPLIFi eliminates the time spent hooking up effect pedals and trying to get the perfect tone. The free Line 6 AMPLIFi Remote app instantly finds matching tones for tracks in your iTunes library. You can go ahead and play along with one of the tones, or tweak it further if you like—it’s easy to adjust EQ, or choose different effects, pedals and amps.

What makes the AMPLIFi amp super-interactive is that it gets the Line 6 community involved in selecting tones. The app connects to the cloud and allows users to vote on the best tones for particular songs. You can get even more personal with the “publish” button, which lets you upload your tone to the song’s online tone library.

AMPLIFi continues to put the control in your hands with the “Halftime” app feature: a supreme resource for covering songs.  The Halftime feature slows down any part of a song in order to hear a riff note for note.  After syncing up to the user’s music library, the app displays a song in MP3 format.  Just like on a smartphone or iPod touch, you can drag your fingers across the track to skip around to any section.

Especially with social networking sites, audiences demand perfection and want to hear just how similar the cover song sounds to the original source material.  With the right gear and some help from Line 6, you can easily avoid criticism.