7 Essential Steps to Creating Your First Cover Band Marketing Plan - Part 3

3. Produce Up to 7 Audio Tracks That Best Represent What You Do

audio-sound-recordingChoose your tracks carefully as they communicate to your prospective client the breadth of repertoire you can perform. Even a glance at a list of these tracks should tell the story of your band and what you can deliver.

Remember that you have very limited time to communicate what your band can do for the client so make it count. Be precise and deliberate with your choices.

If you cover four different genres or styles, then pick approximately two of the best known tracks from each genre. Don't pick five songs from one genre—it sends the wront message.

4. Have At Least One “Signature Money Shot” of Your Band

People’s attention spans are seriously short these days. This is particularly true online, where you literally have seconds to grab their attention and engage with them.

In a world of instant gratification, and where an alternative website is a mouse click away, you need to find ways to grab the attention of the user and then keep them long enough on your website to get your message across.

That's why having what I call your “Signature Money Shot” is a key part of your marketing plan. The image should convey as many messages as possible about what you stand for as a band.

Resist the temptation to all stand in a line with your instruments. It says nothing about what you stand for and in most cases feels and looks awkward.

Here's an example of a signature money shot that has worked well for one of my bands over the years:


Don't be afraid to get your images post produced. Adjusting brightness, changing colours, adding light flares etc. all add to the message you're communicating to the prospective client. You can do this yourself on websites like pixlr.com or get someone more experienced to do it through sites like odesk.com—or a new personal favorite of mine, swiftly.com. Again it will cost you nothing through to a few dollars.







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About the writer:

Brad Lazarus has been managing and marketing cover bands for 10 years. He is the founder of Gigging Success (http://giggingsuccess.com/) a blog and podcast dedicated to helping musicians in cover bands increase their bookings and multiply the income they receive from their band.