7 Essential Steps to Creating Your First Cover Band Marketing Plan - Part 1

Stagescape-digital-mixer-inputIt was Theodore Roosevelt that said “if you build it, they will come.” Now I'm not one to tell the 26th President of the USA whether he was right or wrong about that. But the world was a very different place in the early 1900s.

If you're Starbucks, then yes, there's a good chance that strategy is going to work for you today. But as a cover band looking to pick up bookings from lucrative, private and corporate event clients—or even bar and club owners—take that approach and you're toast, I'm afraid.

Now I'm going to presume that you've got your cover band set up, rehearsed and ready to take some bookings. If not, I still suggest you create and implement a marketing plan ahead of spending all your band time rehearsing. There'll be plenty of time to rehearse between the date you take a booking and the event itself.

There are plenty of music marketing “gurus” out there that'll tell you to get exposure and build a fanbase. If you were writing your own material, I'd be saying the same.

But you're not trying to do this.

You're in a cover band.... So you need to take a different approach than those touting their own material.

As a cover band looking to pick up wedding, private party and corporate event bookings, you don't need “exposure” per se. You need to generate leads and enquiries from prospective clients who are actually happy to part with their hard-earned cash to have you play for them and their guests.

We're not talking about someone seeing your band, liking what you do and then maybe buying your music or a ticket to your show at a value of 10 or 20 bucks. We're talking about getting clients. People who will spend hundreds or even thousands of bucks for you to perform for them.

The difference is huge. To make that a reality you need spend time and energy on your marketing.

For many musicians the word 'marketing' sends a shiver of dread up their spine. For others it's viewed as some kind of 'dirty' trick to get people to part with their money. But for those smart enough to embrace it, the benefits are huge.

The reality is that you can't just be a great band and expect everyone to know about you. You need to start becoming a marketer of your band if you want the success you deserve.

Effective marketing will help you:

1. Communicate how and why you are so good.

2. That you even exist at all.

3. Confidently charge premium fees.

4. Persuade prospective clients that you are the right choice for their event.

5. Give you a much greater chance of getting the booking over the 3 or 4 other bands on the client’s shortlist.

I could go on and on but think you get the point. So lets move one and get stuck into some real practical and actionable marketing strategies to help you achieve your goals.

The following are 7 steps to get you started with your cover band marketing plan:

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About the writer:

Brad Lazarus has been managing and marketing cover bands for 10 years. He is the founder of Gigging Success (http://giggingsuccess.com/) a blog and podcast dedicated to helping musicians in cover bands increase their bookings and multiply the income they receive from their band.