7 Essential Steps to Creating Your First Cover Band Marketing Plan - Part 2


1. Be Clear About Who Your Audience Is & What It Wants

Intuitively, we think that by trying to appeal to as many people as possible we'll get more bookings.

In reality, the opposite is often true. Appeal to everyone and the chances are you're actually appealing to no one in particular.

It's therefore a good idea to try and narrow down what you offer as a band. But before you prune your set list and make other drastic changes, you need to figure out who your audience or market is.

What type of an event are they having?

What type and style of music might they want?

How old are they?

Are they male or female?

Try to form a detailed picture or “avatar” of your ideal client.

Now think about whether what you do as a band really appeals to that person. Could you make some changes to what you offer and better appeal to them?

The process is a balancing act between giving your market and audience what it wants while also ensuring you continue to be fulfilled and excited about performing with your band.

Always be mindful that you're offering a service to a client.

If you want to run a seriously successful cover band that charges top dollar, then there's no time for self indulgence.

Give the market what it wants and you'll be rewarded for it.

2. Build a Website That's The Best You Can Afford

If you want to be taken seriously by clients who will pay top dollar for you, then you need a top-class website.

Your website is your band’s main home online. It's the only thing online that you truly control.

Yes Facebook, Twitter and the other social networks are great places for you to promote and market yourself, but they aren't owned by you. If for some reason you contravene any of their guidelines then they'll pull the rug from under your feet in a flash. If you've built a following on those platforms or you're sending prospective clients to those platforms to check you out, you'll have to start all over again. I've seen this mistake far too often.

Invest the time, money and energy in your website. It's an asset that can't be taken from you.

Great looking websites are now seriously cheap to build. Use services like Bandzoogle.com or Wix.com to do it yourself, or my preferred route is to pick a premium wordpress theme and outsource the whole process through services like Odesk.com. For anything from $20 to $500, you can be up and running in less than four weeks.

Don't feel as though you need to start from scratch with your website design. The DIY sites I mentioned all have great-looking template designs to get started with. There are also literally thousands of beautifully designed wordpress themes available at under $50.

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About the writer:

Brad Lazarus has been managing and marketing cover bands for 10 years. He is the founder of Gigging Success (http://giggingsuccess.com/) a blog and podcast dedicated to helping musicians in cover bands increase their bookings and multiply the income they receive from their band.