Making Music with Lacuna Coil and Line 6

Taking a break from the rigors of the road, Lacuna Coil guitarist Cris "Pizza" Migliore waxes historic about the Coil’s introduction to Line 6, and the gear that has changed the way the band makes music.

By Cris “Pizza” Migliore (Lacuna Coil)

The relationship between Lacuna Coil and Line 6 started almost 10 years ago, while we were recording our EP Half-Life. We heard this new amp that could simulate a bunch of great amps and effects, and we ended up using it for the whole recording session. It was the Flextone™ HD!

We were so impressed by it that we immediately went out and bought one! (We didn't have an endorsement back then.)

Later on, when we started touring the US and did a few successful tours with Type-0-Negative, Anthrax, Opeth, Ozzfest, and P.O.D., we finally got in touch with the guys at Line 6 and got a bunch of great stuff: amps, cabinets, and so on that we still use today. Honestly, this stuff is great! It gives you so many possibilities, so there are so many things you can do with it.

Just to give you an example of how versatile Line 6 is, let me tell you this: we wrote our latest album, Shallow Life, using a TonePort® UX2. We exchanged ideas via Internet and our home computers, and then recorded demos (and I mean everything: vocals, drums, guitars, and bass) at our rehearsal room using the same TonePort! How great is that?

We also used an HD147® and a Spider Valve™ HD100 to record all the guitar parts at NRG Studios for Shallow Life, and we're currently using two Spider Valve™ MkII HD100s, which are absolutely phenomenal! I can't believe how much better this new one is, considering that the first model was already pretty good...

I'm definitely a huge geek when it comes to new technology and Line 6 always comes up with stuff that's great to use and play with. We really never had a problem with our gear and we've really been touring a LOT in the past few years. That definitely proves that this stuff can take a lot and just keep delivering!


Cris "Pizza" Migliore with a road-worn Spider Valve MkII HD100 head.