Propellerhead Record + Reason: Playing Guitar Through the Reason Synths

By Line6Piper

Line6Piper (aka Matt Piper) teaches you how to play your guitar through Reason’s Malström synthesizer. Matt is the in-house Propellerhead Product Specialist at Line 6, and the author of the acclaimed instructional guide, Reason 4 Ignite.

Although Propellerhead Reason (by itself) only records MIDI information and does not record live audio, two of its synths (Malström and Thor) actually have audio inputs. Before Propellerhead Record came along, the only things you could connect to those inputs were the outputs of other Reason devices. Record allows you to connect a microphone, guitar, or other live audio source to the synthesizer audio inputs.

The video tutorial below will show you how to route your guitar through the Malström’s filters, and make some pretty interesting sounds while you’re at it! However, you will not hear the Malström’s oscillator section (the part of the synth that normally produces its basic tone). To trigger the oscillators, you would need a guitar with a synthesizer pickup. In that case, you would simply be using the guitar as a MIDI controller (instead of a MIDI keyboard), and you wouldn’t get to hear the actual tone of the guitar through the synth filters. If you follow the steps in the tutorial, your guitar will actually take the place of the Malström’s tone-producing oscillators.

What I have provided in the video is just an example. I hope it will inspire you to experiment, and come up with all sorts of unique sounds!

I've created a ready-to-load patch based on this tutorial, with a few added control features. To download it, please click below.

Download "Malstrummer" Patch