What sound does one dog barking make if no one is around to hear it?  I know the answer now, friends, and it is all thanks to BackTrack + Mic.

It's always interesting to hear about uses that people have for Line 6 gear that we never anticipated, so I thought today I would share one of the "off the beaten path" uses I have for BackTrack + Mic.  Like many city dwellers, I dwell in a small apartment with many neighbors.  Our dog spends much of his day at home doing what dogs do when left to their own devices.  This usually involves sleeping, relaxing, lounging, and frequently taking naps in between.  However, every now and then there is a noise outside that brings out the beast within.  Being the considerate neighbors and responsible pet owners that we are, we wanted to know just how often the barking beast was summoned during the day.  This is where BackTrack + Mic was exceedingly useful.


We simply turn it on and set it outside or on top of his kennel whenever we're gone and BackTrack + Mic takes care of the rest.  Whenever we return, I don't have to listen to hours of silence for 30 seconds of barking.

Picture 1.png

I simply pull up the "Unmarked" folder on my computer and listen to the couple of files that have been recorded while I was gone.  It all takes me about 2-3 minutes and lets me know if his barking is getting to be a problem when we're away. Now if I could just get him to quit stealing our socks...