Dual-Core Processor Delivers 4-Times the Punch!

Like with any new technology, chips get faster and smaller and allow us to do so much more. In regards to what they can do in the James Tyler Variax modeling guitar, our crack engineering and sound design teams really stepped up to knock this thing out of the park!

Let’s get the info straight from Curtis Senffner, Sr. DSP Software Engineer at Line 6. He worked tirelessly to up the ante and bring to life the most authentic-feeling modeling guitar in history. Then we'll hear from some players who got to reap the benefits.

Curtis explains, the new chip is significantly more powerful and has allowed us to:

  • Run fuller and clearer models of guitar bodies and pickups

  • Allow all models to be alternate tuned

  • Improve alternate tuning purity and speed

  • Provide alternate tuning customization

  • Allow new modes of operation and editing

Thank you, Curtis.

And here are a few quotes from pros who are beta-testing for us:

“Freaking guitar sounds stupid good even on camcorder.”

“Been playing with it through a few Marshall® amps, Fender® Bassman®, UniValve® and my rack...I hope you don't need this back immediately. I'm way floored.”

“In general, this JTV sounds and responds much more like a complete instrument than the previous versions. You don't have that sense of being once removed from the tone. Feels much more organic and like the traditional guitar experience.”