Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr Performing the Inception Movie Score

By Line6Angela

On July 13th, Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr did a live performance of some of the score from the Inception soundtrack. Johnny Marr used the M9 Stompbox Modeler in the recording of the soundtrack and during the performance. Honestly, I hadn't paid much attention to the news on Inception until I had got word about Johnny Marr using M9, so I tuned in that night to watch. The performance was breathtaking. I was hooked the minute it started and was thrilled that they played for over 20 minutes.

As I watched it live on ustream with 10,000+ viewers, I realized that I had never seen a soundtrack performed live. (Side note: You can still see the performance here.) Not only had I not seen a soundtrack performed live, but here I was watching them perform a score for a movie I hadn't even seen yet. It seemed to speak volumes to me on how strong this soundtrack is to stand on its own.

I spent some time that night thinking about the soundtracks that I listen to over and over again. They seem to contain two important traits. One, they compliment the movie perfectly, expressing emotions throughout the film without overshadowing the story. And, two, they can stand alone without the film telling the story.

The soundtracks I still have on heavy rotation and that stand out to me with these strengths are The Sweet Hereafter, The Crow and The Piano.

Please comment below on what soundtracks have been kept on heavy rotation in your library.