M9 Stompbox Modeler Onstage with Roger Daltrey

By Loren Gold

When he’s not music-directing Hilary Duff, composing TV soundtracks, or keeping contestants moving on Dancing With The Stars, Los Angeles-based keyboardist Loren Gold is working with the Who for the Super Bowl XLIV halftime show, one of the most anticipated musical events of the year. Loren’s setup isn’t complete without its newest addition, M9 Stompbox Modeler. (See below for a few of his settings.)

For the start of Roger Daltrey’s “Use It Or Lose It Tour,” I added the new M9 Stompbox Modeler to my rig. Working with so many guitarists over the years, you can't help but notice how everyone has at least one Line 6 stompbox pedal in their arsenal. As a keyboardist, I wanted to share in the experience. M9 is a perfect solution, covering all of the effects I need in a single, portable device.

For this tour, the M9 sits on top of my Hammond™ XK-3, which is routed to a Leslie™ 122. Distortion, delay, flanger – it's all there. The cool thing is that whenever someone walks by my rig, they see this small effects box within arms reach and say, “Hey, what's that?” I offer up all the buttons and let them start pushing away while I riff on the organ. Needless to say, a few people are picking one up at tour’s end.

My top reasons for using M9:

•    The box. Ability to mix and match sounds from all of the Line 6 pedals.
•    The portability. I can put the M9 right on my keyboard for a show, and put it in my backpack when I'm done.
•   The sound quality. The same sounds guitarists have been using for  years.

Right now I'm backstage in Ontario, Canada, about to hit the stage – so that's all for now!

Roger, Roger! Loren Gold is ready to rock with Roger Daltrey and M9 Stompbox Modeler.

Loren’s M9 settings for a few signature songs:

“My Generation”
Tube Drive – Driveat 15%; Bass, Mid, Treble at default settings

“Boris The Spider”
Tube Drive – Drive at 50%; Bass, Mid, Treble at default settings

“Who's Gonna Walk On Water”
Tube Drive – Drive at 25%; Bass, Mid, Treble at default settings
Script Phase – Set to 20% to make it kinda watery, which fits the song
(Set to about 60/40 in favor of Tube Drive)

“Naked Eye”
Tube Drive – Drive at 20%; Bass, Mid, Treble at default settings

“Cache Cache”
Tube Echo (default settings), just for delay

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