Propellerhead Record + Line 6 POD X3 Live

by Line6Piper

Line6Piper (aka Matt Piper) shares his experience using the Line 6 POD X3 Live together with Propellerhead Record. Matt is the in-house Propellerhead Product Specialist at Line 6, and the author of the acclaimed instructional guide, Reason 4 Ignite.

This was a fun video to make. Getting to play through the great tones the POD X3 Live offers, trying out all the POD Farm™ guitar tones, and using POD X3 Live as my audio interface all made the work quite enjoyable. I was also impressed by what I heard when I put the microphone preamp models through their paces. They definitely made it easy to get some sought-after sounds I'm not sure I would have had an easy time achieving otherwise.

If you own a POD X3 Live and are considering getting into recording your music with a computer, Propellerhead Record is a great choice. In fact, it is the software I would recommend to any guitarist as their recording platform. Put that digital multitrack recorder on eBay while you still can! Editing audio and arranging songs on a 3-inch LCD screen is not the easiest way to go! (Though if you've already recorded quite a bit of good stuff on such a device, editing and mixing that material in Record is definitely something to try. You will be amazed by the sounds you can get from Record's mixer.)

If you are a guitarist already using Record and looking for an audio interface that can also become the centerpiece of your live guitar rig, POD X3 Live adds dozens of guitar and bass amp and cabinet models plus microphone preamp models to Record, and offers the ability to monitor your processed signal from POD X3 Live while recording both a wet and a dry signal on separate tracks. In fact, if you want to, you can simultaneously record four separate tracks for: POD X3 Live Tone 1, Tone 2, Mix, and dry signal. And of course, POD X3 Live is built to make you sound great on any stage, through your amp or directly into the PA.

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