The Great and Powerful M9 Has Spoken

Pay no attention to the pedal behind the curtain!  The M9 Stompbox Modeler has been unleashed on the world for a few months now and you've posted some interesting videos showcasing how to put this gizmo to use.

M9 Tutorial: studio1087 does a great job of explaining some of the subtle operation steps that make the M9 as easy to use as a typical stompbox.

Particle Verb. Ambient Guitar Heaven: badbrad demonstrates the sonic bliss encompassed in the particle verb effect.

Ambient Looping Demo: Walking in the footsteps of Brian Eno himself, mynameizbrian conjures up ambient soundscapes...and he apparently had just pulled it out of the box.

How do you use the M9 and other Line 6 gear?

Do you have a unique way of working Line 6 gear into your rig or an otherworldly sound that the community needs to know how to create? Post your videos on YouTube with the tag: "line6vidclip".

We'll post our favorites from time to time on this blog.