What is the soundtrack to your life?

Last week we discussed soundtracks and their importance inside and outside of film. A soundtrack can compliment a movie scene and, when it's no longer connected to the film, create another life playing in your car or on your MP3 player. That soundtrack now has the opportunity to become your soundtrack.

Maybe it's playing while your significant other proposes, or while you’re nursing a broken leg back to health. Now those songs take on different meanings when you hear them. But of course we won't just limit it to soundtracks. Music is such an important part of our lives, there are thousands of songs that have taken on new meanings because they have been playing throughout our lives.

So I thought I would challenge us all this week. Let's make our own life's soundtracks. Since this is my blog post, I will go first. Here are ten songs in this order that I would choose to represent as my life's soundtrack.

    1. Rainbow Connection - Kermit Frog
    2. The Road to Hana - State Shirt
    3. Elegia - New Order
    4. Love me or Hate me - Lady Sovereign
    5. You and Me - Vega 4
    6. This Must Be The Place - Miles Fisher
    7. What Sarah Said - Death Cab For Cutie
    8. Love is stronger than death - The The
    9. Traffic Jam - Vega4
    10. Take back the city - Snow Patrol

Now it's your turn. Pick 5 to 10 songs that would play to your life's movie. Of course you can choose songs that you have written. If you would like to provide links to the songs, please do.