One switch for complete analog and digital reconfiguration. DT50 delivers advanced tone with classic control.

2 channels + 1 touch =
total reconfiguration.

DT50 goes from the perfect little clean machine to a brutal, brooding badass with all necessary components to make each tone sing. The Channel switch is your ticket to total, one-touch analog and digital reconfiguration. Any combination of voicing, operating class and power tube mode can be saved to either channel. You’re not limited to just “clean” and “dirty” – you can have whatever you want.

Traditional amp operation.

Quickly dial in your tone, or take your time customizing a classic. The front-panel features two channels (with identical Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Reverb, and Channel Volume knobs), a Master Volume knob and a few well-placed switches (including channel, operating class and power tube mode). DT50 is so simple, you already know how to use it.

Sound great, look sharp.

The sleek, boutique aesthetic is inspired by the vision of master amp designer Reinhold Bogner. Premium Tolex® is carefully wrapped around every curve and corner, and the black and gold treatment is classy but earthy for a stunning on-stage presentation.

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