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Line 6® invented digital modeling guitar amps and is the magic behind the guitar tones used on countless platinum albums.

Now, Line 6 brings that acclaimed tone technology from the greatest recording studios in the world to your desktop. GuitarPort's meticulously crafted recreations of a dream collection of 16 classic and modern guitar amplifiers coupled with two dozen cabinet options easily capture the range of tone found on the best guitar tracks ever recorded.

You can mix and match POD® -quality amp and cab models based on* Marshall®, Fender®, Mesa/Boogie®, Vox®, Roland®, Soldano and more, with controls laid out for a guitarist and not some computer geek. And the sound? The same dead-on classic tones used by hundreds of thousands of Line 6 users every day.

Amp & Cab Models
Line 6® Treadplate
Line 6® Chemical X
Line 6® Insane
Line 6® Piezacoustic 2
Line 6® Spinal Puppet 1953 Small Tweed based on* "wide panel" Fender®  Deluxe Reverb®
1958 Tweed B-Man based on* Fender®  Bassman® 1964 Blackface 'Lux based on* Fender®  Deluxe Reverb®
1967 Class A-30 Top Boost based on* Vox® AC-30 1968 Plexi Lead based on* Marshall® Super Lead
1968 Plexi Jump Lead based on* Marshall® Super Lead with "jumped" channels 1987 Jazz Clean based on* Roland® JC-120
1990 Brit J-800 based on* Marshall® JCM-800 1993 Solo 100 Head based on* Soldano SLO-100
2001 Treadplate based on* Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier® Tube Instrument Preamp

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* All product names used in this webpage are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during Line 6’s sound model development.