To put your great guitar tone to use, GuitarPort® gives you an easy to use audio player that lets you jam along with MP3s, WAV files, or any audio CD in your personal collection. You can rip tracks, scan through the audio, jump to any point, loop sections, and even slow to half speed without changing pitch for careful study of your favorite lick.

The loop control lets you select any section of music and, well, loop it! Just hit the Loop button on the transport bar, grab the orange handles to set your locate points, and you'll hear the loop instantly.

With tracks that you've downloaded from GuitarPort® Online (membership optional), the loop handles can even "snap" to the song sections like verse, chorus, solo, etc. When you're trying to learn a tricky guitar part, the Half Speed button is your friend. Click on it once and GuitarPort slows the track to half speed without changing pitch. Now you can catch every one of those notes and nail the part! Once you've got it down, turn off Half Speed and you're back to full speed, ready to jam on the new part you've learned.

Developing your technique is no longer a monotonous affair with GuitarPort’s programmable metronome. In addition to standard click, it also offers a selection of kick, snare, and hi hat samples that let you construct your own drum patterns in phrases up to eight bars long. Using the slider control to set phrase length, you can easily build a practice groove in straight 4/4, or more complex odd-meter patterns, and the tempo dial spins your beats-per-minute setting anywhere from a ridiculously slow 15 BPM to an out-of-this-world prestissimo of 300!

Other useful tools that come standard with GuitarPort include an on-board digital tuner and an intelligent hum reducer for taming the noise produced by a guitar’s magnetic pickups.

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