412S-B (Straight)

412S-B (Straight) is no longer made.

These 4X12 closed backs really let you open up a Vetta II HD, HD147, or Duoverb. Each cab can be used in mono, or split into stereo. And each HD can power up to eight cabs, when only a wall sound will do.

Line 6 Cab 412S-B (straight)
  • 4x12" custom Celestion speakers
  • Baltic birch construction throughout
  • 300 Watts max, 2/8 ohm mono, 4/16 ohm stereo
  • Removable casters
  • 78 lbs. 29.75"W x 29.25"H x 14"D (35.5 kg, 74cm x 76cm x 36cm)