Tone from Down Under

With a career spanning genres from punk to folk, Australia native Anne McCue needs gear that can seamlessly blend between styles. It should be no surprise that she has enlisted the Line 6 Variax as her main guitar for studio and stage. Anne has upcoming dates with Heart and Lucinda Williams in support of her latest release “Roll” on Messenger Records, in addition to making appearances at South by Southwest, numerous showcases, and the Line 6 Headquarters (Anne stopped by last month to hang out and talk about their new album). One thing’s for sure, the music world is beginning to take notice to Anne McCue: “Anne McCue is the virtual definition of ‘triple threat.’ A potent singer, a thoughtful songwriter, and a tough guitarist,” exclaimed Billboard magazine.

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Recently we talked with Anne about her experience with Line 6 gear.

Where did you first hear about Line 6?
Actually, I think it was Larry Klein who first introduced me to the effects units.

What Line 6 gear are you using and how are you using it?
I've used the Pod a lot, especially for live shows when I was playing solo. The delay Unit (DL4) is one of my favorites, especially the reverse function and also the loop, which I used to compose my song 'Gandhi'. The Variax 500 came in handy on the Graham Parker Tour. I used it for twelve string and acoustic sounds.

How have our products changed the way you work?
The Pod makes it possible to get killer guitar sounds when you're recording in places that you can't turn amps up really loud. Also, I was able to tour completely solo but still play electric guitar with a credible amp sound. The Variax enables to travel with less guitars but have more sounds.

What are your favorite settings on the gear you use and why?
The Pod I've used the Brit Classic and Black Panel the most. In conjunction with my lap steel I like to use the Delay/Swell setting. And the Tremelo is cool. The DL4: The loop, reverse and analog delay settings are my favorites.
Variax 500 - acoustic and twelve string sounds.

Any final comments?
It was very exciting when Line-6 first came out with their gear because it's all user friendly, very practical and at the same time has a big range of flavors, colors and textures. Line 6 always seems to be on the crest of the wave, technologically and creatively.