PODxt: On Tour with Story of the Year

Just like a video game, the band Story of the Year is addictive and impossible to beat. Thanks to the Nintendo tour, we had a great opportunity to sit down with SOTY's guitarists Phil Sneed & Ryan Phillips to talk about how they use Line 6 live on stage for their shows, as well as how they are using gear to record ideas for their upcoming album. This band has had amazing success with their first release Page Avenue and it looks like their future is promising to continue further down that same path. Their story is similar to many other bands that have struggled to make it in this business. And they are proof of you never know if you don't try... you've got to tour your butt off and pass out on your bandmate in a van to get somewhere. All the hard work paid off. This is the first tour where they've been able to relax on their own bus. Except for the back lounge area which has been transformed into a mobile recording studio (see photo.) The shows have been sold out. Packed with loyal fans. Story of the Year impressed everyone with their live performance this tour. And will continue to do so... the band expects to do some radio shows when the Nintendo tour is completed. Then right into recording the next album in January.

Ryan Phillips -
gear: PODxt, PODxt Pro, DL4.
what Ryan has to say about Line 6 gear...

"I rely on the effects. I've tried every delay out there, and nothing is as versitile as the DL4."
"We're writing the new album with PODxt's."
"I use a PODxt Pro live - Line 6 clean tone with reverb & echo. It's a nice, crisp, clear tone."

Phil Sneed -
gear: PODxt, PODxt Pro, FM4
what Phil has to say about Line 6 gear...

"I got an FM4 about a year ago and it is an awesome toy. I use all of the available settings - so I had to add a second FM4 to my live rig. Using every bank. I start and end our set with this pedal."
"Live I also use a PODxt Pro for my clean tone with delay. It's perfect, it does the job I wanted it to do."
"PODxt is the most convenient thing for recording. Using it is effective and versitile."