West Coast Country Tone

Pete Anderson is probably best known for his production and guitar playing with Dwight Yoakam, but Anderson has also become known as a top-flight producer who can get the job done. Working not only in country but also in other genres, he was responsible for some outstanding projects by Rosie Flores, Michelle Shocked, the Meat Puppets, the Backsliders, the Lonesome Strangers, and Thelonious Monster. He and Dusty Wakeman were responsible for Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of the A Town South of Bakersfield compilations, a mid-'80s landmark that resulted in a resurgence of interest in the West Coast country scene and the Bakersfield sound. Pete has his own label, Little Dog Records, and is playing and producing the hottest country singer on the West Coast, Moot Davis. He also will be touring with his own band as well. Mr. Anderson has been an avid Line 6 user for years, and in a recent interview, he explains how Line 6 meets all of his needs.

Where did you first hear about Line 6?
A friend of mine brought in this little amp into the studio while I was working on a Dwight Yoakum record. He said he started working for this amp company called Line 6 where they model amps. I didn’t really understand the concept, for me it was all about the tubes. So he brought in a Flextone amp and said there are all these different amps all within this 1 amp. I said where is the black face deluxe? That’s the one I knew the best. I dialed up my numbers and was very surprised and thought this is not bad at all. And I went on this whole quest to try and understand it better. It wasn’t tube, it wasn’t solid state, it was cloning amps. I hit me that now everyone is playing through the same amp! Just like Dolly the sheep, cloned from the same DNA.

Then I wanted to hear the “Mother of all the Clones”. So I got a hold of the black face they used to model the amps and A/B’d to the Flextone and Amp farm. And I couldn’t pick out the software model from the “Mother”. So that’s when I started using them on tour with Dwight. I ended up recording with the Flextone and a picture from that session ended up in an interview I did for guitar Player Magazine at the time. I ended up using the Vetta’s as well on the Neon Circus Tour I did with Dwight and Brook’s N Dunn.

What Line 6 gear are you using and how are you using it?
I am using the Flextone III with a new artist I am working with named Moot Davis.

How have our products changed the way you work?
In the studio the change has been like, I don’t know, the difference between a steam powered car and a nuclear reactor. It’s unbelievable, because all the variables are gone now. It’s better because you have been able to capture the amps in their best state. Anyone who has played a tube amp knows there are windows of operation when these amps are their best. They are in long slow degrading situation, not unlike life. Were born were young and soft then we get old and brittle then we die.
It’s great to be able to let’s say your recording a guitar track, and you loving the tone but you feel you need to come back to it the next day for some reason. Well, the sound will be the same, nothing changes!

What is your favorite Line 6 amp model, effect...?
Black Face Deluxe, Black Face Twin, the direct no amp sound for Mandolin and the Supro sound.