Welcome to The North – The Music

We caught up with Adam Nutter, Stuart Coleman, Phil Jordan and Rob Harvey, collectively known as The Music on the final leg of their sold-out UK Tour. They were barely 18yrs old when their self-titled debut album entered the UK charts at the Number 4 slot. Now just 2yrs later they’re on the road again with their latest offering “Welcome To The North.” If you’re based stateside you can check them out on their support slot with Incubus.

Pictured is Adam Nutter, playing with his latest addition – PODxt Live. Adam’s been using Line 6 gear for a while now including POD 2.0, although more recently he’s switched to using 2 Vetta II HD’s and FBV. Stuart Coleman is also pictured with his Bass PODxt Pro, which he too finds indispensable for live use.

We had a chance to talk a bit with Adam about his thoughts on Line 6. Here’s what he had to say:

Where did you first hear about Line 6?
I have always kept myself up-to-date with new advances in musical technology. Using the Internet and reading guitar magazines brought Line 6 to my attention. I bought a Pod when they came out and more recently a DL4.

What Line 6 gear are you using and how are you using it?
I now use 2 Line 6 Vetta II HD’s live on stage through 4 Fender Tonemaster cabs.

How have our products changed the way you work?
The Vetta’s enable me to use a diverse range of effects and amp modelers on stage. It’s all easy to work and it makes everything much simpler and quicker. It’s also vital to be able to save all the patches to a laptop in case anything should go wrong with the amps.

What are your favourite settings on the gear you use and why?
I have created the majority of the sounds from scratch. Good sound uses a different amp for each of the two channels, making the sound of the guitar layered and dynamic with either side having a different tone and effect.

Line 6 products are ideal for guitarists on the road, or for people that can’t afford to buy lots of vintage amps. The ‘everything in one box’ principle is very desirable for people who want a wide range of guitar sounds without having to be overwhelmed with gear.

In reference to the PODxt Live Adam was heard delightedly shouting about the tones in the new unit: ‘That’s Fat as F*ck, Man!’ Before rolling another one and playing some huge riffs!

Check out www.themusic.co.uk for tour dates and more info on one of the most exciting bands to come out of the UK’s, northern scene.