Jimmy Eat World and Line 6 Stompboxes

The future is owned by Jimmy Eat World. Now that they're back after a well-deserved break, they delivered an amazing new album, FUTURES, and began a headlining tour that is seemingly sold out everywhere they hit. Not only have they not lost their heartwarming touch with the crowd, it has done nothing but grow. The show at the Music Box in Los Angeles was completely packed. Every person in the venue was dancing and singing along. The music and vibe that seeped into the crowd was full of love. This band gave everyone in attendance a sense of hope that the great quality of music in general has not died. There is hope! There is a future! And Jimmy Eat World is leading it.

During their sound check we got to snap some shots, and afterwards had a few minutes to speak with Jim and Tom about how they use their Line 6 stompboxes.

Jim found out about Line 6's DL4 first. He needed a pedal that could do ambient loops, and the DL4 got him on the road to addiction. Everything is there on one pedal for him; providing that huge background noise that he's looking for. Jim also has an FM4 on his pedalboard.

Tom found out about Line 6 from Jim. He uses a DL4, MM4, and FM4 and loves the space/ufo sounds he can get. On the song, "World You Love," the chorus model from the MM4 was used.

They also have another DL4 and MM4 back by their tech, Henry, who does the switching on them. For shows where they can't lug all their gear - they rely on the PODxt Pro's for their sound to go direct.