Million Dollar Tone

How do you impress a seasoned pro like guitarist Michael Chaves? Give him everything. “They even threw in the kitchen sink!” exclaimed the mild-mannered Mr. Chaves when he first plugged into a Vetta II. Michael craves the versatility of Vetta II. He can get any sound he wants, any time, any place. Between the busy touring schedule as the guitarist for John Mayer, playing on various Sarah McLaughlin records, and playing guitar for his own band, Low Millions, he doesn’t have time to worry about his tone. Vetta II gives him everything he could ever need, and it can do the same for you.

Want to use some of the tones that Michael Chaves uses on tour with John Mayer? Click here to view one of Michael’s presets.

Be sure to look for the upcoming Low Millions album on Manhattan Records, hitting stores on October 5th.

For videos, audio, and more about Vetta II, click here.