Line 6 Spotlight: Jerry McPherson

Jerry McPherson toured for 19 years with Amy Grant, then moved from Texas to Nashville. On the weekends he is touring with Reba Macintrye and during the week he’s making hit records in Nashville with Dan Huff at the helm. You would be hard pressed to find an album from Music City without Jerry’s name in the liner notes. This very busy man happened to be in the LA area and stopped by to say, “Hi,” to all the good folks at Line 6.

Where did you first hear about Line 6?
I remember at a NAMM show there was a buzz about some brainiacs from Alesis had gone off and started a company that had guitar oriented products. There was another company that had a modeling amp out at the time and I heard that and felt it wasn’t right. So I figured the whole modeling thing wasn’t such a good idea and I didn’t even explore any other modeling amps. Until I started seeing some of my friends start using the Axsys 212 and thought they sounded great. Then the pedals came out, myself along with some guys who I respect tonally thought if these guys ever go public we might have to purchase their stock! I collect old pedals and have owned about everything through out the years. Delay is my favorite effect, and the DL4 was a Godsend, this has all the things I love in 1 box. For a while it felt like a secret weapon while doing sessions. Then after a while you would see everyone was using it and you would think, “well maybe I shouldn’t be using it..” But I can’t get a way from it. I would love to be very exclusive in the stuff I use, it works too good, it’s already a modern day classic. Then the blue pedal came out, and at that point any time a pedal would come out I would call the local store and give them I credit card number. That’s how I done all my line 6 stuff. I can trust that is going to sound unbelievable.

What Line 6 gear are you using now?
All those wonderful little pedals, for my rack rig. I have all the rack effects. Which is great because you can clock them and I map out some of the parameters on a midi control board. That way I can control mix, feedback, and the models all on sliders. It makes it real quick in the studio. I use the POD, not just for demoing but I use in doing records with Dan Huff. I am also using the Variax. I started off thinking I would use it just for demos, but it turned into using it for sounds that my other vintage guitars can’t do. I have 2 sitars but I end up using the Variax.

How have our products changed the way you work?
Line 6 gives me more sonic possibilities. I have a ton of old pedals, old amps, old guitars especially old effects. If you’re on a session and you have to go thru and pull all these pedals out, make sure the 9 volts are working. Being bent over the whole time showing your crack, hooking all these pedals up, at a point you don’t pull’em out. It’s just from a convenience and speed thing, your not going to be faster then a guy taking the blue modulation pedal and just clicking thru each model. You can’t bet that for speed. And be able to store that set up on one of the buttons for when the producer says, “ hey, do you still have that sound from earlier? Let’s change the bridge part, but keep the sound that you had.”

What is your favorite Line 6 amp model, effect…?
The analog delay in the DL4, I use the analog with modulation a lot and the sweep echo. I’ll tell myself, don’t use it this time, but I can’t help it.