Now Shipping: StageSource L3t Loudspeaker and L3s Subwoofer

The world’s most versatile loudspeaker systems are now available at your local Line 6 retailer. StageSource™ L3t combines multi-function design, powerful DSP and precision components to deliver the perfect blend of high-powered performance and true scalability. This compact, 3-way speaker system features an integrated multi-channel mixer and a tri-amped design that delivers 1,400 watts of balanced, clean and articulate audio. Embedded Smart Speaker technology provides best-in-class performance across a wide variety of live sound applications.

You can scale the capabilities of your system by connecting the StageSource L3s subwoofer—also in stores now—via L6 LINK™ digital networking. Featuring a 1,200-watt, bi-amped design and Smart Speaker modes for optimal low-end performance, StageSource L3s combines with other Line 6 live sound products to form an intelligent ecosystem that expedites setup and helps you sound your best.