Line 6 XD-V Systems Support SHIBUYA O-Group Live Venues in Tokyo

With some of the hottest live houses in Tokyo, the SHIBUYA O-Group has expanded its wireless complement with five Line 6 XD-V digital wireless systems for its O-WEST (1,300 capacity) and O-crest (250 capacity) venues.

In addition to the O-EAST and O-nest venues, SHIBUYA O-Group operates four venues in close proximity to each other. This creates a special vibe as the center of live music culture in Shibuya, but it also means that they face challenging wireless requirements. “O-group owns six analog wireless systems for O-EAST and O-Crest in the same building, plus an additional six for O-WEST and O-nest in other building, both in the B-band”, said Kosuke Shimakura at Shibuya TV K.K. “Idols and visually-oriented bands tend to require wireless systems for their performances. But, to avoid interference between these venues, if there are simultaneous shows, we had to give priority to the largest venue. Some bands were very disappointed by the fact that they had to perform without using wireless.“

O-Group adopted Line 6 XD-V70 systems in March, 2011. Operating in the 2.4 GHz band, Line 6 systems can be used in tandem with the O-Group’s existing analog wireless systems, and there are no requirements for obtaining licenses or special permissions.

Ryo Kaneko at Nuckle Port KK, a sound engineer for their PA system, mentioned, “we’ve seen an increasing number of bands using Line 6 Relay systems for their guitars and basses. With traditional wireless systems, we always had to pay attention to interference between several systems within the B-band, but it’s a no brainer with Line 6 wireless. The flat frequency response makes my job much easier, and operation is simple, I hardly every have to reference the manual.”