Line 6 and Jammit Partner to Deliver the Ultimate Guitar Jam-along Experience for iPhone® and iPad®

Digital audio technology innovators Line 6 and award-winning iOS app makers Jammit have partnered to create the ultimate guitar jamming, recording and learning experience for iPhone® and iPad®.

The companies have collaborated to create a system that allows the guitarist’s sound to instantly match that of the guitar part played on the original song. By integrating the Jammit software with artist sounds and the Line 6® Mobile In™ guitar interface, the experience of playing with the original master recordings is taken to a nearly magical level for players of all abilities and styles.

“The Jammit app gives guitarists a uniquely inspiring way to do what they’ve always wanted to do: play their favorite songs with their favorite bands,” said Line 6 co-founder Marcus Ryle. “What used to be complex and costly is now easily accessible to all guitarists—so they can focus on playing instead of on how to get a certain sound.”

“Line 6 is known for great guitar tones and rock-solid interfaces, which are a perfect fit for Jammit,” commented Scott Humphrey, CEO of Jammit. “This is the missing link that delivers a turnkey solution for a deeper, more robust Jammit experience.”

Released in 2011, Jammit is the first music software to isolate individual audio tracks within original multi-track master recordings. Jammit allows musicians to learn, jam and record along with their favorite songs as played by a variety of popular artists. Each guitar, bass, drums, keyboard or vocal track can be isolated for closer scrutiny, looped for extended practice or slowed down to a comfortable pace for beginning players.

The Line 6 Mobile In digital interface connects a guitar to the iPad® or iPhone®, and also unlocks added functionality within the Jammit app. When Mobile In is connected, Jammit will load amp and effect sounds custom matched to the song, automatically changing the sound when appropriate as the song plays.

As the highest-quality guitar system for iPhone® and iPad®, the Mobile In digital interface features professional specifications for rich, clear guitar tones: up to 24-bit/48 kHz audio quality throughout, and 110 dB dynamic range on the guitar input. Unlike other devices that connect to the analog headphone jack of an iPad® or iPhone®, Mobile In attaches via the 30-pin connector for a high-quality, all-digital signal path. Mobile In also features a stereo line input for connection additional devices.

Jammit is available as a free download from the App Store. Songs range in price from $1.99 to $5.99. Line 6 Mobile In is $79.95 (estimated street price) and can be purchased from a variety of retailers.

About Jammit

Jammit is the first music software that isolates individual audio tracks from the original multi-track master recordings and synchronizes each track with complete precision. Musicians can now play or sing their favorite song exactly the way the artist did, with the only 100% accurate transcription. Jammit users can isolate, loop, and vary the speed of individual instruments and vocals within the dense mix of a song without affecting the pitch. Winner: MacWorld Expo Awards: MacLife Best iOS Software; Best iOS App. For more information, visit

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