Get Reason Limited Software with Line 6 POD Studio Recording Systems

reason limitedWith the new addition of Reason Limited (featuring built-in Line 6 guitar and bass tones), Line 6 POD Studio® is the ultimate guitar recording system.

Reason Limited is an all-in-one music production program that lets you record songs with up to 16 tracks—8 instrument tracks plus 8 audio tracks. The software includes all of the most fundamental songwriting tools: drum machines, synths, samplers, effects, precision mixing tools like parametric EQ, compressors, and limiters, plus built-in virtual Line 6 guitar and bass POD® rack effects. It’s also easy to use, so you can focus on the one thing that's most important to you: making music.

The POD Studio line of USB audio interfaces combines the stunning sounds of the POD Farm® 2.5 plug-in with powerful, easy-to-use USB interfaces. POD Studio interfaces feature low noise for recording guitar (12dB more dynamic range than similar interfaces), exclusive latency-killing ToneDirect™ monitoring, and up to 24-bit/96kHz recording capability. POD Studio interfaces also unlock extra amps and cabinets within the virtual Line 6 guitar and bass POD rack effects in Reason Limited.

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Did you purchase a POD Studio GX, UX1, UX2 or KB37 after August 31, 2012?
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