Catalina Bar & Grill Elevates Sound Quality with Line 6 StageSource Speakers

Catalina Bar & Grill

Located in Hollywood, Catalina Bar & Grill has been a revered fixture on the West Coast jazz scene for over 25 years. Legendary performers like Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis have played there, a tradition that owner Catalina Popescu continues by booking today’s top jazz artists. With a full kitchen, elegant dining room and perfect sight lines, every effort is made to honor the club’s legacy of hosting incredible performances in an intimate space.

Recently, Catalina decided to upgrade its sound system with StageSource® loudspeakers from Line 6. “When we heard how beautiful they sound, with such great clarity, we knew it would make a big difference to finally make the sound as good as the view for our customers,” says Catalina Popescu.

“The installation was done by Sound Image. They have always done all our sound,” says Catalina technical manager Dan Ciora. “They made sure everything was perfect, with the goal of providing the same sound in every seat.”

The installation provides full coverage of the club’s L-shaped audience area, with a total of six StageSource L3m and three L2t loudspeakers hung from the ceiling, augmented by six L3s subwoofers. The L3m mains are 1400-watt, full-range, three-way speakers, and each covers a specific zone, while the three L2t cabinets cover specific target areas with their 800-watt, 2-way, full range speakers. Covering the bottom end, six L3s subwoofers are aimed outward from the stage to provide bass reinforcement for the entire room.

With a seating capacity of 235, matching Catalina Bar & Grill’s exceptional sight lines with smooth, even sound in every seat was a welcome change. “We used to have an issue with coverage,” notes Ciora. “It’s an L-shaped space, and some people on the sides were not getting the same feeling from the music. Now, the new Line 6 speakers and subwoofers give us even coverage everywhere in the room.”

The result was an immediate hit with the club regulars. “For jazz fans, the sound means everything, and we have had a great reaction from our customers. They could tell the difference from the Line 6 speakers right away,” says Catalina Popescu. “And when the fans are happy, the musicians are happy. They love to perform in a room with great sound.”

Among the first performers to experience the new Line 6 sound system were Lee Ritenour and Mike Stern. “Both of them noticed the new speakers right away, and said the sound was great,” says Popescu. “We are always looking for ways to create a better experience for our artists and their fans.”

With performers as revered and varied as Chick Corea, Robben Ford and Oz Noy scheduled for upcoming multi-night residencies, Catalina Bar & Grill will continue to be the place to see the best in jazz in L.A. “With these new Line 6 speakers, our shows will sound better than ever!” concludes owner Popescu. “We invite everyone to come hear the difference.”