Line 6 Thrice on Thursday

Thrice and Thursday are two amazing bands that can be considered both up and coming and established in their surprisingly short existence. Currently touring alongside the band Coheed & Cambria, Line 6 Stompbox users, they are selling out shows across the United States. Next year, they will be taking the tour across the pond to perform for enthusiastic European fans. All of these amazingly talented musicians have been doing Line 6 proud, and together we hope to inspire more cutting edge music for the kids of the future.

Bands like these may have a hard edge. Listen closely to the lyrics, however, as they are giving the world's youth insight and positive reinforcement to cut loose without being destructive. Thursday's latest release, War All the Time, has received rave reviews from every publication imaginable, and the press continues to roll in like a runaway train.

Thrice's current release, Artist in the Ambulance, has also done its fair share of stirring up the industry. The band is donating a portion of each album sale to the Syrentha J. Savio Endowment, which provides chemotherapy and treatments for those who cannot afford it. Thrice consistently goes out of their way to contribute to worthy causes by participating in races, auctions, dinners, and special performances. The band does not limit themselves to one charity though. In fact, all three bands recently played in San Diego, California, during the wildfires and contributed proceeds from the show to the San Diego Fire Relief Fun. Their label, Island Records, matched the donation.

It seems that anywhere you go, you can catch these bands, whether it be over the radio waves, on television, at live venues, or via the Internet. Both Thursday and Thrice recently did live streaming internet performances from respective Apple Stores in New York City (Thursday) and Santa Monica (Thrice). Information on how to download the appearances is available on the bands' websites. While watching, be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for Line 6 gear! Thursday's Steve Pedula had his trusty DL4 by his toes. Both Teppei Terranishi and Dustin Kensrue of Thrice had their Flextone III XL 212s behind them for their acoustic set.

Just before Thanksgiving, another Line 6 band will be joining this insane live bill. The Deftones will be performing with PODXT Pros, Studio Modelers, and FBV Shortboards in tow! This is a show that you should definitely catch, if you haven't already missed their stop in your town. If you have missed them, go pick up copies of the new albums and hear exactly what you passed on… Then kick yourself.