Line 6 Wireless Delivers Outstanding Sound Quality for British School in Tokyo

The British School in Tokyo (BST) is renowned for providing academic excellence within a high quality, holistic learning environment for students aged 3 to 18. Established in 1988, the BST has earned an outstanding reputation built around the English National Curriculum, growing to serve over 700 students representing over 50 nationalities. As a part of its comprehensive approach to education excellence, the school recently purchased 12 channels of Line 6 digital wireless systems for use in student performances, opting for the XD-V75HS-T, a compact bodypack system with tan headset.

The first production to utilize the Line 6 system was the BST Primary Christmas Assembly in mid-December, with about 550 students participating. “For children’s performances, we do a range of different things during the year,” said Ms. Kirsten O’Connor, Head of Primary, BST. “All of the children in Primary School are involved. Twelve children had acting roles, with all the others singing. We have between 500 and 600 parents attending, and 100 teachers as well, so it’s a very, very big event. At Secondary School, we’ll also have musical concerts as a group and individual performances. It is important that everyone hears and understands everything clearly, which is why we invested in these microphones.”

The Line 6 digital wireless system delivers outstanding sound quality in a rugged, easy-to-use design. The adjustable headset and compact bodypack of the XD-V75HS-T provide hands-free operation, making it an ideal choice for the wide age range of the students using it. The system offers one-touch channel selection with automatic scanning, Digital Channel Lock technology to eliminate interference, and advanced digital transmission to achieve natural, full-range frequency response without companding. “We chose the Line 6 XD-V75 because it is the only professional system that can handle twelve channels such at an affordable price,” said Mr. Rey Pegarido, I.T. manager for the school.

The installation at BST placed all 12 XD-V75HS systems and XD-AD8 Antenna Splitter/Distributor into a portable 10U equipment rack with a mixer. The antenna splitter allows all 12 systems to operate with just a single pair of antennas. For this task, a pair of paddle-style P180 directional antennas from Line 6 is employed. Setting up is as simple as rolling the rack into the performance area, placing the antennas on microphone stands aimed at the stage, and powering up the systems.

The Line 6 system operates in the license-free 2.4GHz ISM band, making it virtually immune to competition from other microphone systems. However, some computer Wi-Fi devices also operate in this radio frequency (RF) range, so it is important to be aware of local conditions when operating ten or more channels simultaneously. For this reason, the RF environment at BST Shibuya and the gymnasium used for the performance were investigated prior to the event. It turned out that the Wi-Fi routers in Shibuya School operate in the 5 GHz range, with no strong Wi-Fi activities at a gym. This allowed the school to operate all their Line 6 twelve systems in the more robust RF1 mode with no danger of interference. All channels worked flawlessly at rehearsals and performance.

The BST plans to use their Line 6 systems at several other music performance opportunities. With the loop-through functionality engineered into the XD-V75, up to four systems can share antennas without using a splitter. This will allow the BST to split their systems to operate in multiple locations as needed. ”During the year, there will be various events in different locations on our campus, so we wanted to make sure this product was portable,” Ms. O’Connor noted.

Mr. Rey Pegarido, who is responsible for the operation of the equipment, reports that his initial experience with the XD-V75HS systems was technically flawless. “The Primary Christmas Assembly went very well, and the Line 6 wireless played a major role in its success,” he reported. ”Previously, our community had difficulty hearing clearly during our musical events. Now, thanks to this great product, everyone was able to hear the full show for the first time!”