Jason Mraz Finds Inspiring Live Sound with Line 6 StageSource

Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Jason Mraz is one of today’s most successful artists, having gone platinum and multi-platinum in over 20 countries. After years of touring the world, Mraz knows he performs better when he loves the way he sounds. Line 6® StageSource® speakers give him the sound that's in his head—so he can really connect with his audience.

Mraz began his career playing small weekly shows at a San Diego coffee shop with his longtime friend Billy Galewood, aka Bushwalla. Mraz says that although they’ve played through countless PA systems, StageScape® and StageSource made an amazing first impression.

“I did a double take when I heard the drums being checked,” says Mraz. “Usually drums take forever to check and they never sound great. I thought it was a recording or a loop—I was completely blown away.”

“The sound was so good that Jason told our drummer to go in the audience and listen to the mix while Jason played the drums,” adds Galewood. “It was really great.”

The StageSource loudspeakers and StageScape M20d workstation take the technical work out of setup and operation—something that’s extremely important to Mraz. For example, StageScape M20d automatically recognizes when StageSource loudspeakers are being used as monitors and sends them monitor feeds.

“StageSource speakers are totally cool because they have the ability to flip on their side and become monitors,” says Mraz. “The system recognizes it as a monitor to perform as a monitor, so you’re not searching for that triangular speaker. I don’t know anything about frequencies—I just want it to sound great.”

When it’s time to play more intimate shows, Galewood turns to StageSource L3t. With a full-featured onboard mixer and multiple inputs for microphones, instruments, external mixers and MP3 players, L3t functions as a complete live sound solution. “If I do a show for 30 people, I can plug in a mic and a guitar and just use one speaker, which is amazing,” he explains. “It really keeps my load down.”

Ultimately, Mraz says StageSource lets him concentrate on what’s most important—his performance. “The challenge is making the equipment sound the way it sounds in your head,” says Mraz. “With these speakers, I give a much better performance—I get into it.”

The new Jason Mraz album YES! will be released on July 15.

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