The record-breaking U2 Vertigo Tour has made its way to Europe, with upcoming shows in Paris and Amsterdam. Winning the coveted opening spots on those bills are two Line 6 artists, The Music and Snow Patrol.

Lucky ticket holders for the sold out shows July 10th at Stade de France in Paris, as well as the July 15th Amsterdam Arena gig, will witness plenty of Line 6 presence in the front and backlines. Guitarist Adam Nutter, of England’s The Music, is currently using Vetta II head with FBV floorboard and Line 6 4x12 cabinets, while bassist Stuart Coleman’s rig includes PODxt Pro. Scotland’s Snow Patrol, featuring guitarist Gary Lightbody, will also be representing Line 6 with an assortment Stompbox Modelers. In addition, when U2 takes the stage, sharp-eyed observers will be able to spot his cache of Line 6 gear including POD Pros, Studio Modelers, custom DM4 Distortion Modelers, as well as his Acoustic Variax 700s adorned with custom sparkle and “Vertigo” graphics.

Congratulations to The Music and Snow Patrol on landing these highly sought after shows.