Line 6 Gets a Gold at the Alternative Press 20th Anniversary Party

Featuring: My Chemical Romance and the Transplants

HOB Sunset – Wednesday May 25, 2005 By Michelle Silberman, artist relations rep, Line 6

This was a sold-out show. Not to mention it was a party with every possible “alternative” celebrity in town on the guest list. Throughout the night I spotted and or ran into: Pink, Pedro (Napoleon Dynamite), Travis from Atreyu, Mark from Blink 182, Jeph and Burt from the Used, Steve from Reggie and the Full Effect among many others … and then there was everyone in the bands that played.

Due to guest list chaos, it took me a few hours to get in because I had my camera. Luckily, I made it just in time to hand off POD mounts to Ray Toro of My Chemical Romance just before the Transplants took the stage. Upon returning, still warming up with his guitar around his neck he handed me a Gold album made out to Line 6. This was their token of appreciation for the pedals. I let them know it was an honor to work with them. They’re a great bunch of guys.

As the dressing room quickly got packed, since everyone wanted to wish them a good show before they hit the stage, the room needed to be cleared out so they could finish their “warm up session.” The Transplants went on shortly after leaving MCR’s dressing room and I watched intently as Travis Barker beat the living $#*! out of his drums.

When My Chemical Romance took the stage it was on. Everyone was screaming and fighting for an inch of room to be just that much closer to the stage. For the most part, it was a sing-a-long for all fans in attendance. As the band got ready to play the song, “You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us in Prison” the band’s long time friend, Burt from the Used, jumped on stage. Embracing his buddy Gerard, the song began and the room started spinning. Meaning: The entire floor turned into a mosh pit. During Ray’s guitar solos I couldn’t help but bust out my own air guitar. Their set was tight as could be and they came out for two encores. That surely left all the fans rubbing their bellies after getting a full dose of My Chemical Romance.

After the show I had a chat with Mikey who is a soundman for AFI, New Found Glory, and the Transplants. Finding out more about Tim Armstrong’s guitar rig (Rancid, Transplants) and what he might need to make their sound better for this summer on Warped Tour. As we wrapped up that conversation I headed into MCR’s dressing room to tell the guys they rocked. Hugs went all around. This is where I ran into Jeph from the Used and talked to Frank of My Chemical Romance about how the gear is working out for him. He begged for some Line 6 pedals to be sent to him for a radio show they had planned for Friday.

I thanked the band again for the Gold album and said my goodbyes. While I waited for my car at the valet stop, John, Story of the Year’s manager, saw me standing there with the giant plaque in hand and said, “I’ve got one of those to send you too! Man… it was going to be a surprise but now you’ve got all kinds of ‘em!”