Vetta 2.5 gives you more Amps, Cabs, and Effects… FREE!

The much-anticipated release of Vetta 2.5 is now available to install in any Vetta amplifier. And best of all, it’s FREE! The Vetta II team scoured the forums, customer requests, and artist feedback notes to capture the ultimate wish list of improvements for our flagship amplifier. Now there’s even more to love about the world’s most complete collection of amps, cabs, and effects ever assembled.

The upgrade includes:
  • 9 new wah models
  • 6 new amp models
  • Foot controlled pitch shifter
  • Ducking delay
  • Dedicated Solo Boost function
  • Improved Tuner stability
  • Syncs Tap Tempo to MIDI clock
  • Additional footswitch assignments
  • Fletcher Munson loudness compensation curve for accurate tone across a wide range of volumes
  • And much more!

Don’t wait. Go to to get the free download and start enjoying new amp and effects models today!

If you’ve never heard Vetta II, go check out audio and video examples at