Download 2006

Download 2006, held at the historic Donnington Race Track, 9-11 June saw some of the hottest day's of 2006 descend upon the UK. Ideal weather for many an English football fan to soak up their teams first game of the tournament with the desirable result! The Line 6 crew were hanging out in the artist garden, just outside the frantic and heady world of the bands dressing rooms. A good lashing of beer and other cold beverages were needed to stay cool in the incredible heat of an English summer festival and quite frankly being in such close, confined proximity to living legends Metallica, Guns n Roses, and Deftones was enough to make many a man faint! 75,000 music lovers and revellers attended the three day sold-out event which was a huge success.

We were on site to meet up with our Endorsee's ranging from headlining acts to homegrown local talent opening up the proceedings! Quite a few bands came by to say hi - pictured here are Cristiano Migliore and MAUS, from Italian grown Lacuna Coil.

Watch this space on more goodies to come out of the festival with signed amps to be given away!