Free Live Lite 6 Upgrade and Limited Time Offer

Free Live Lite 6 Line 6 Edition Upgrade

Ableton and Line 6 are pleased to announce that owners of any previous version of Live Lite Line 6 Edition are eligible for a free upgrade to Live Lite 6 Line 6 Edition.

To get your free upgrade, please visit:

Live Lite 6 offers many of the new features found in Live 6, including Multicore/Multiprocessor Support, QuickTime Video Support, Instrument and Effect Racks presets, Macro Controls, Project Management tools and a variety of new devices including EQ Eight, MIDI Note Length, Dynamic Tube and an improved Saturator device. For more information on Live 6, click here.

Special Live 6 Full Version Upgrade Offer

Additionally, owners of Live Lite Line 6 Edition are eligible to upgrade to the full version of Live 6 at a special upgrade price.

The full version of Ableton Live 6 gives you:
-- Unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks
-- Unlimited instances of VST and AU effects and instruments
-- As many ins and outs as your audio interface can handle
-- Unlimited Clip Envelopes
-- Unlimited Send/Return tracks
-- and much more…

To take advantage of this special offer, please visit

If Live is installed and unlocked on your computer, you can find your serial number in the program menu under Live/About (Mac) or Help/About (PC). We can easily find your serial number in our database if you registered your copy of Live with Ableton. Just send your request via e-mail to, and we'll send your serial number to you. Please send us all e-mail addresses that you might have used for registering.

If you have not yet registered your copy of Live, please send an e-mail to with:
-- Subject: "Lost my Live Lite serial"
-- Body: the name of the hardware product that included your Live Lite
-- Attachment: Proof of purchase of the hardware product that included your Live Lite