Bring the Noise

If you ask anyone who the most influential Hip-Hop artists of all time are, there is no doubt that Public Enemy would be at the top of their list. Line 6 A/R Representative, Michelle Silberman, recently sat down with PE frontman, Chuck D, along with Juice and John Montalbano to talk gear. Here's what they had to say ...

What is the goal of the album? Is there a particular vibe or message that will be portrayed with its release?
There are two main things, really. One is where the world's point of view is right now. With everything being politically overcharged. The other is trying to reach into everyone… how do you sell soul to the soulless? Or to those who have sold their soul? Lyrically & spiritually, there has been some brainstorming - even down to the titles of the releases. A possibility is "Electric Slave", as we are all being controlled by everything around us and none of it appears to be human. Also, as a whole we are trying to evolve. As musicians, with musicians. Trying to eliminate the culture shock.

How will Line 6 be incorporated into the recording process?
The emphasis is really on going back to the roots of soul. Instead of using samples, we will create some original backtracks. Think James Brown style… we can dial in sounds with these racks (Bass PODXT Pro/PODXT Pro), instead of having to ship in truckloads of gear. They leave us with tons of options for creativity and help bring our visions to life. Trying to corner a sound, and define one - presenting an image with that sound. With hopes of covering all grounds, of a truly organic feel, from rock to soul…

When can we expect the album release? - From January through December there will be releases.

Will there be a Public Enemy tour following up the album release?
Soul Sonic - expect P.E. to head out on world tour in June '04.

Any musicians with guesses on samples, inquiries, input, shout outs, whatever… the doors are open to communicate with these legends. You can contact them at the following email: