Line 6 Takes Over Late Night TV (Again)

If you tuned into NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno on March 1st to watch Tantric perform, you might have noticed that there was an excess of Line 6 gear on stage. Guitarist, Todd Whittener, was playing a Variax 700 plugged directly into a Vetta II. He switched from a clean tone with delay and modulation, to a heavily distorted crunch, to a rich acoustic tone, and back again, all while having only one amp on stage! His guitar tech must love him. The other guitarist, Kevin McCreeny, was plugged into an HD147 with an FBV Shortboard, while Todd was controlling his tones with an FBV. Tantric's headlining tour to promote their new album, After We Go, began on February 25th. For tour dates and all other things Tantric, visit