Spider Valve in New York

To celebrate the birth of our latest creation, Spider Valve™, the fruit of our collaboration with Bogner Amplification, Line 6 threw a party of epic proportions at New York City’s BLVD. 75 of our closest friends, favorite artists and members of the press were treated to amazing downtown cuisine, a dangerously open bar and loads of great music.

Brazilian jazz guitarist, Sandro Albert, started the show indulging the crowd with a solo set of his soulful sounds warmed nicely through a Spider Valve 212. Up next was Oz Noy backed by drummer Anton Fig of the CBS Orchestra, David Letterman’s house band, and bassist James Genus of the Saturday Night Live Band. Tight and explosive, the group was captivating. Oz’s vibrant, frenetic playing was shown off through a stereo pair of Spider Valve 112s and James’s thump received maximum response from a Line 6 LowDown® LD300 bass amp.

Set back from the bustle, in a private room, the guests of honor, Spider Valve 112, 212 and prototype HD100 head with prototype 412 VS-B slant cab, were holding court. One by one, partygoers lined up to crank the amps till their ears rang or their fingers gave out. When exhausted, the contenders staggered out of the room like they were exiting a gladiator ring.

Read the quotes below to see what the challengers had to say. Clearly, Spider Valve puts the amp in champion.

"The SV Amp is incredible. So versatile, very warm and it can suit any style of music. I can't believe it's only 40 watts! I am very glad to have come across this amazing amp.” Sandro Albert, guitarist.

"What I was most struck with was the spectrum of sound... it had everything from a solid bottom to crisp highs in one huge sound. Definitely a pleasure for my ears!" Anton Fig, drummer of David Letterman's CBS Orchestra

"A boutique-like tube amp with all the Line 6 indulgences." Greg DiBenedetto, Publisher, Guitar World.

"All of the rich tone of a classic amplifier with none of the noise." Jaison John, Sanctuary Management.

“Phenomenal flexibility with great sounds. In an instant, I went from a rich, warm clean tone to a menacing shred tone that immediately unlocked my inner Van Halen!” Jared Scharff, guitarist, the Saturday Night Live Band.

"Line 6 did it again! All the amps sounds are totally real and the most important thing is the amp feels and reacts fantastic. Also the sound is absolutely huge, this is the real deal!" Oz Noy, guitarist.

See the rest of the pictures from the Spider Valve event at our Flickr page here.